Berkeley Bridge Documentation Site

Here you can find all information concerning the Berkeley Studio and how you can become a publisher yourself; you will learn how to create a decision tree the best way as possible and which processes lie behind the creation of a decision tree.

Guided Tour

You can quickly start yourself by following our Guided tour. It will get you acquainted with the basic concepts of a Berkeley Bridge decision tree and terminology used, followed by a step-by-step instruction where you create your own model up until publishing it to the web.

Videos and sample models

Many of the articles are accompanied by video tutorials and example models (decision trees). These are listed at the top of each article that contains these resources and can be recognized by their icons: a video icon for videos and a model icon for models.

In the main menu, the articles containing a video tutorial can be recognised by virtue of a video icon: Play video icon with accessible text reading "this article contains a video".

Aside from that, we have compiled pages for basic and advanced video tutorials.


Articles have been tagged with topics covered so you can easily find related content. The tag links are also listed at the top of the article, just after or to the right of the model and video links. See also the category called “Topics” at the bottom of the main menu, listing all the topic pages.

Of special interest may be the topics pages for video tutorials and sample models — listing all the articles with videos respectively for models available throughout this documentation.

You may use the full text search (search icon) field at the top of this and every other page of the Berkeley Bridge Documentation Site.

More information

More general information about Berkeley Bridge or licencing and obtaining the Berkeley Studio can be found at our main site

If you find it hard to get started, it is always possible to contact us for more help.