Adding a document to your model

In order to create our own documents, we first need to actually add a document to our model. To do so, start by creating a node called document at the end of your decision tree model.

The node with your document has to be placed at the end of your decision tree model, otherwise it might happen that the document is created before it has all the required content from the model, resulting in missing texts.

You can add a document to the model through ACTIONS > Document. The pop-up window lets you set the name of the document and the filename of the created document. There are several other options available that change the file name or the file type.

adding a document to your decision tree
adding a document to your decision tree

Note that there is a difference between Document (add a new document to your model) and Link document (present the created document to the user). You always need to add a document before you can link one!

Edit the document: from scratch

The next thing to do is to start editing the document. In the window that just opened, you can give your template document a name. If you then click on ‘Edit document’, Word will open with a document under the name you just typed in. This will function as your template document. Leave this document open for now.

Adding an existing document

If you already have an existing document, save it in the same folder as the decision tree model. You can then search for your Word template by clicking on the file icon:

select existing Word document
select existing Word document

Find your document on disk, select it, and press [OK].

Make the document available to your users

Now, add a link for your users to download the resulting document via ACTIONS > Link document. As mentioned, be aware that you first have to add a document before you can add a link to that document.

When clicking on ‘Link document’, a new window opens. In this window you can choose the accompanying text, the link text and which document this link opens. The accompanying text is a text that you can add to the link. The link is the clickable link that let’s the user download the document.

adding a download link for the document
adding a download link for the document

For now, there will be nothing in the document yet, as you have no text fragments in the model or your Word-file. Continue to the next step to learn how to add text fragments.