Word-editing software usually has the option to use cross references. You can use these to refer the user to other parts in your document, with a link that directs them to that part. This is also possible in the Berkeley Studio when creating Word (.docx) files.

The Studio uses two different parts to do this: an anchor and a reference. The anchor is the destination linked to, and the reference is the link that the user can click on. Both of these parts are created by adding a text fragment.

In the text fragment of the anchor, you use [anchor.NAME]. The NAME-part here could be anything that is easy for you to understand, for example ‘Introduction’ or ‘Chapter 2’, as long as it’s unique within the document. The matching reference is written as [anchor.NAME.LINKTEXT]. Here, the first two parts are identical to the anchor. The third part LINKTEXT is the text the user will be able to click on.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s continue with an example.