Text fragments window

All the textfragments in the model are shown in the Text fragments window.

The text fragment window
The text fragment window

If there are more then one texfragments with the same name, the number of found fragments is also shown in the list. You can click on a fragment, the position of that fragment in the model will be selected. In actions the textfragment is selected as well. If you doubleclick, the textfragment will be opened. If there are more then one textfragments with the same name, you can right-click to select or open the right textfragment.

Filter on name

On the top of the window there is a dropdown, which has the value [filter on name]. Underneath that combobox there is another input, here you can type to activate the filter on name. If the name contains the text you type, the fragment is shown in the list.

Filter on content

If you select [filter on content] you can use the input underneath to search the content of all the textfragments. Only the fragments are should which contain the text you have given.

Filter on graph

If you select [filter on graph] only the textfragments created in that graph are shown. Select the right graph in the combobox underneath.

Filter on document

If you select [filter on document] the focus will be on the selected document in de combobox underneath. The text of the selected document is shown.

The document filter
The document filter

This view is meant to easily navigate to the right place in the model if you have a document. Some textual changes can also be performed here.

The view has a few colors;

  • black for normal text in the word file
  • blue for textfragments.
  • green for blocks and loops

If you click on a textfragment in this view, you will be guided to the place in the model where this textfragment is created. If you doubleclick on a textfragment, the fragment will be opened, you can change the content.

If you click on a black text, the text will be openend and you can change that text. You cannot add extra paragraphs. If you do so, the changes will be stored in the .docx file, be sure you do not have the file open in MS Word.

Select the green loops en blocks to get more information on the parameters of those elements.

Importing text

If there is a paragraph in Word (black text) you can import that text into the model. On the bottom of the window there are two buttons.

buttons at the bottom
buttons at the bottom

The left button, the Word icon, opens the current document. The right button is blue if you select the black text of the document. If you press the button, a new textfragment-window is shown with that text. You can give a good name to the fragment, alter the text and then press OK. The text in Word will be replaced with reference to that fragment. The new fragment is added to the current node you are in. Again, please remember not to have the file opened in Word. Changes to the document are directly written to the docx file.