The document preview

The document preview only works whenever you publish your model. Furthermore, the presentation layer needs to have this option enabled. Therefore, we highly recommend reading about Publication and Registration first.

Whenever you add a document to your model in the Berkeley Studio, you can present it to the user at any time. This is very useful when the document is finished and ready to be downloaded by the user. However, it is also possible to show the document while it is being created! We call this the document preview, and it can be added quite easily if your presentation layer has this feature enabled.

Document preview example
Document preview example

Above is an example of a document that is not finished: you can easily see the gaps. However, as the user fills in questions, the document is built. You can see, for example, that the buyer is already in the document.

Actions for the document preview

In order to manipulate the document preview with your model, there are four actions available. They are shown here below with a short description of what they do.


This actions simply adds a document to the list of previews presented to the user. For example, addpreviewdocument('nda.docx') will add the document ‘nda.docx’ to the document preview list. Please note that if a user moves back a node, the preview is removed. Addpreviewdocument() only works from that node onwards. If there are multiple present, the user can pick one to be shown.


This does the opposite of addpreviewdocument(). It removes a document from the list, so it will no longer be shown. Your document itself will stay intact, only the preview shown will be hidden.


This resets the list of preview documents to the original list. You do not need to specify any documents, as this function applies to all of them.


Removes all documents form the document list. As with the reset action, you do not need to specifiy which documents, as they will all be removed form the list. Your documents itself will stay intact, only the previews shown will be hidden.