Saving and running your model

Before you can run and test your own model, you will need to save it. Saving can be done in three different ways: by pressing [Ctrl+S], by clicking the save icon Save button in the top left screen or by going to File > Save or File > Save as.

saving your model
saving your model

Make sure that you save often when working on a model. Furthermore, it is good practise to save each and every model in a separate folder. This is especially important when working with documents, images or other complementary files.

Testing your application is done in a separate window of the Berkeley Studio, called the Berkeley Runner. Clicking the run icon Run button in the top left corner or pressing [F9] launches the Runner. In the Berkeley Runner, you can navigate through your decision tree. Later on, you will learn how to publish it online.

The Berkeley Runner
The Berkeley Runner
  1. The main screen of the Runner. Here you’ll see the result of text and questions. Furthermore, you can answer questions here.
  2. The restart button. Clicking it will send you to the start of your model.
  3. The previous button. Clicking it will send you to the previous screen of your model.
  4. The next button. Clicking it will send you to the next screen of your model.
  5. In this window the jump list is shown. The jump list is like a content list. More information on the jump list.
  6. The information sources will be shown in this screen. More information on information sources.
  7. The reload button. Clicking it will refresh the current screen, like an internet browser.