With Styles you may create styles that you can use in the Preview screen. Here it is possible to:

  • Define font family and font size;
  • Define its color;
  • Define the text to be bold, italic, underlined or barred.

Remember that publishing your model will override your custom layout with a presentation layer. See branding for more information.

The menu item [Resources > Styles] will pop-up the styles window containing a set of predefined styles, as you can see in the following example:

The style menu
The style menu

Create a new style by choosing [New]. Select the new style in the left pane and tweak the style’s properties on the right pane.

Defining a new style
Defining a new style

When you have defined your style press [OK]. Now, whenever you want to give a text or question a new style, go to [Layout > Style] and select a style:

Choosing a style from through Layout > Style
Choosing a style from through Layout > Style

You can also pick a style from the Inspector menu tab. Note that this is only possible if you change the view to Full via [View > Layout], but you need the professional version of the Studio to do so.

Choosing a style via the Inspector panel
Choosing a style via the Inspector panel

CSS classes for Berkeley Publisher Styles

When publishing to the web, where the layout of your application is defined by your custom style (see branding), the only thing you should be concerned with are your style names.

These style names are available to the web designer styling your application as CSS-classes:

Standard text
Standard title
Standard remark

The web designer should at least define styles for these three basic styles; if you have need for more styles, communicate so with your web designer.