Feedback widget

The feedback widget allows users to directly send you feedback about a certain node in your model. For the widget to work, download the feedback model linked to at the top of this article and follow the instructions below.

Change the email addresses

  • Open the model you just downloaded;
  • go to the node called email;
  • in the Actions panel, double-click the email interface called dmail.
feedback email interface
feedback email interface

Change the required fields ‘From’, ‘Reply’ and ‘Send to’ to match the email address you set up for mailing feedback.

The ‘From’ field email address needs to be able to send mails on your mail server (SMTP).

To set up the Berkeley Webserver for sending emails, see our documentation on data sources. If you run the server with us, please ask us to set it up.

Publish the model

You are now ready to publish the feedback model to your server; this is done as usual (see the guided tour if you need to refresh your memory).

Who may deliver feedback

Which accounts are able to deliver feedback is controlled by the same rules as access to any other model.

Since this is a model probably want to make available to all users, but do not want to show up inside a menu of models, tick the following two checkboxes when publishing:

  1. ‘Grant anonymous access’
  2. ‘Hide from menu’

Make sure that cases for this model are never saved, by setting the “Save mode” for the feedback model to ‘never’:

The administrative interface with the appropriate access settings
The administrative interface with the appropriate access settings

Special cases

It may be that the above scenario of blanket anonymous access does not suit your situation and/or needs. Other scenarios (Single Sign On, access by domain, running as a special user etc.) are also supported, but do need some additional configuration on our side which we may need to know about.