The Comparison Tool

This tool offers two sub-tools which help you to collate all data into either a table per recorded data point, or a single table of all cases together, offering easily exportable figures.

First select a time range in the filter section. If you are logged in with a ‘VIEWER’ or ‘VIEWERADMIN’ role, you will also be able to filter the data to a specific username, or ‘All’ users.

You can also choose to limit the data points displayed. You can do this by changing the Data Points field to one of the following:

  • Everything
  • Only include
  • Exclude

‘Everything’ shows you all data points.

Selecting ‘Only include’ will give you the option to add specific data points by name. The order you add them is the order they will show in the output and report for the ‘Compare all answers per question’ tool.

Selecting ‘Exclude’ will also give you an option to add specific data points to an exclusion list - any one that is selected will not be displayed in the output.

Compare all answers per question

Renders one table per recorded data point, showing a row per unique value recorded, and a count representing the number of times that value was recorded for that data point.

Answers Table
Answers Table

See all answers in one grid

Renders a single table with all cases, and all answers. Each row represents a single case. The first column is the date created, and each column thereafter represents a recorded data point.

Comparison Table
Comparison Table

You will note that there are some fields which are pink and have the text “Never displayed”. This means that the data point was never rendered in that particular case.