The Grid Comparison Tool

In short, the grid comparison tool is a print out of all data filled in over all cases. The data can be downloaded as a CSV (spreadsheet) file for ease of transfer to other analysis tools.

Facts Table

There is a small table showing some minor facts about the model:

  • Author: This is the authors name.
  • Complete: Yes/No depending on whether the model has been marked as “definite version”
  • Downloadable: Yes/No depending on whether the model has been checked as “Downloadable”
  • Is a Library: Yes/No depending on whether the model is in fact a library
Facts Table
Facts Table

These facts show the model’s current state, but have nothing to do with the data stored.

Comparison Grid

In the rendered grid, each interface represents a row in the grid, and each case is represented by a column.

Pink fields represent an interface which was never shown in the relative case.

Comparison Table
Comparison Table

Pro Tip

The title of each case is the date and time that the case was started. The title is also a link to go directly into the next tool, Individual Cases, and open that specific case automatically.