Trend Finder

The idea behind Trend Finder is to highlight where combinations of answers prevail. For example, if you have a model that asks for gender, you may wish to see the trend of answers from another question between men and women.

Here’s a model where the end users were asked for their gender.

By selecting the gender question interface in the list of interfaces, we immediately see a chart showing how many cases were ‘Male’, ‘Female’, ‘No Answer Given’ and ‘null’.

Never displayed is the count of cases where that interface was never offered, i.e. cases where the interface was in a node which was not in the path taken.

No Answer Given is the count of cases where the question was asked, but since the interface was not set to ‘required’ the users did not give an answer.

By clicking on the ‘Never displayed’ legend item in the chart, we can remove it from the data, and thus see the results showing that more women answered the question in this model.

Singular interface
Singular interface

Now, imagine later in that same model there is also a question which asks the user to make choice out of three options - for demonstration purpose we will say that question looks something like this:

Which fruit do you prefer:

  • Option 1: Apples
  • Option 2: Oranges
  • Option 3: Kiwis

We could then additionally select that interface in the interfaces list, and the rendered information will show that there is a clear trend that woman enjoy oranges.

Combined interfaces
Combined interfaces

There is no limit to how many interfaces you can combine.