The Berkeley Studio implements a version control system built upon subversion (SVN).

Subversion is meant for source code management. A model made with the publisher consists of more than just source code, since it also contains the position and content of questions and possible answers. To still be able to use all powerful software for file management, the Publisher also writes away the model as .xml file. It is this file that is the object of the source code management.

The publisher uses the ‘Slik’ Subversion client. The Slik client can be downloaded at At the installation of the software the program (svn.exe) is placed at the location of your choice. This location should be introduced in the Publisher at [File > Settings > Subversion] (the fourth tab).

Subversion settings dialog
Subversion settings dialog

For older versions one can check the box ‘use indexes in XML’, but this is not advisable for new installations. Even though the use of indexes speeds up loading, it also renders the importing of a modified XML file impossible.

The management of subversion servers is similar to that of the Berkeley Webservers: servers can be added, edited or removed.

A subversion server can be installed on a Linux or Windows operating system.

You can download the Windows version at