When opening The Berkeley Studio you will be greeted by the so-called Quickstart. This Quickstart communicates about the online-help, that is, us here. The Quickstart looks like this:

The quickstart
The quickstart

On first install, this is where the Publisher opens. You may turn it off or on at any time at File > Settings > Editor > Show quickstart. The quickstart is updated through the internet, so we can communicate new things if need be.


Below the [Quickstart] menu item you’ll find the [News] item. This mentions the latest features. At the bottom of the page you can find a link to Patches. If we find a bug, or need to add functionality, we make patches. These patches are recognized as the third number in your version of the publisher. 4.6.0.x is the first version of release 4.6, so the first patch will have version number 4.6.1.x. Find out your exact version in File > About.