Webadmin Menu

Once you have gained access to the webadmin environment as the ‘administrator’ of the server, you will be given a menu that consists of the following items:


If you only see ‘Your account’, it means you are logging as a regular ‘user’ role.

If you are rejected from logging in at all, you are either a ‘guest’, ‘viewer’ or ‘vieweradmin’ role, and therefore not allowed access to webadmin.

Items quick explanation

Your account is a quick jump into your own user account, which would be no different from going to ‘Users’ and selecting your own username.

Users will show you a list of each user. After selecting a username, you are allowed to perform certain maintenance functions such as changing their email address, password or role. You can also create a new user from here.

Models will show you a list of all models currently stored on the server. Selecting a model will allow you to change certain aspects of the model, such as the description and meta-information.

Domains will show you a list of domains. Selecting a domain allows you to side by side list of models and users, allowing you to add or remove models or users from the domain. You can also create a new domain from here.

Advanced shows you the advanced server settings. In most cases this is not the place you want to be.