Webadmin User Management

From this point in the webadmin, you can create a new user or administrate an established one.

Creating a new user

First click on the green + sign next to the title ‘Users’ at the top of the screen.

New user
New user

Then fill in the details of the new user. Please note, the top most field New (name) is the eventual username - and the new user can use either this or their email address (if provided) to login to the server. Once you have clicked ‘Save’ - the username can no longer be changed.

Choosing a role for the new user requires some knowledge of roles in general. This is covered in the next page.

Max-models is the number of models this user will be allowed to publish to the server, however this is only applicable to roles which are actually allowed to publish:

  • user
  • manager
  • administrator

The password will be automatically set to something random - which no-one knows. You can update the password here, but it is considered better practice to send the new user to the presentation layer login screen where they can click the ‘I forgot my password’ link to begin the process of changing it to something only they know.

It is only possible to add a user to a domain once they are actually saved.

Administrating users

This is no different from creating a new user with the exception that you are not able to change the username. Everything else can be adjusted here.