Web Service

You can install the Berkeley Web Server as a Windows Service as follows:

  • Open a command prompt with administrator permissions;
  • go to the folder where the BBWebService is located;
  • and type: bbwebservice /install

A pop-up window will appear with the message that the service was installed, and the service will appear in the services list (services.msc).

The service can be uninstalled by typing bbwebservice /uninstall in the same folder (still with administrator permissions).

The Berkeley Web service uses the same files as the Berkeley Web Server (the GUI) does; if however a file under the name bbwebservice.ini is present, it will override bbweb.ini. The settings behave in the same way as in the Berkeley Web server.

You can alter the settings with a text editor, but also by means of the BBWebServer.exe application (the GUI) – provided you are using the (default) bbweb.ini for both server and service. Once saved, the service needs to be made aware of the changes by restarting the service. Alternatively you can give a http-command to the server, please contact Berkeley Bridge for further information.

For its installation the BBWebService needs to have a unique name. This name is defined in the file bbweb.ini as the value of ‘MainCaption’ in the section ‘Server’.

The name should not be changed as long as the service is in use.