Settings: Paths
Settings: Paths
  • Rootpath to root of models: If models are published to the webserver, the server will place the models in this folder, making a subfolder for the user and a subfolder with the name of the model. E.g. e:\temp\webserver\data\admin\testmodel\

  • Persistent path to documents: If you have for example a nice .pdf file, you can link to that file by just using the name. The servers checks this folder to see if that file can be found.

  • Path to communication directory: When an already existing model is published, it is first stored on disk, before it upgrades the existing model in the server.

  • Path to library: Central libraries are stored in this folder.

  • Path to dynamic data (login.xml): Dynamic data, like userdata (login.xml) or datasources (datasources.xml) are stored in the same folder as where the .exe is. But if you use the server as part of a cluster, the dynamic data has to be shared in another folder, to be defined here.

  • Path to log directory: If empty, the servers will log all (iplog, maillog, normal log) in the subfolder of the .exe in webserver.log or webservice.log. If a folder is given, the log will be stored there.

  • Location of dot.exe (wingraphviz): Is used to generate the current graph of a model.

PDF creators

The server can use different PDF creators for different type of files. All the three generators have the same settings:

  • Location of PDF creator: The user-defined location of the PDF creator.
  • PDF creator parameters: Parameters that can be given to the PDF creator. You can use %t for target and %s for source file.
  • Uses target folder: This is where the created PDFs will be stored, if a creator is used which operates in this way

For xsl transformations, the HTML to PDF creator is used.