Settings: Paths
Settings: Paths
Rootpath to root of models
If models are published to the webserver, the server will place the models in this folder, making a subfolder for the user and a subfolder with the name of the model. E.g. e:\temp\webserver\data\admin\testmodel\
Persistent path to documents
If you have for example a nice .pdf file, you can link to that file by just using the name. The servers checks this folder to see if that file can be found.
Path to communication directory
When an already existing model is published, it is first stored on disk, before it upgrades the existing model in the server.
Path to library
Central libraries are stored in this folder.
Path to dynamic data (login.xml)
Dynamic data, like userdata (login.xml) or datasources (datasources.xml) are stored in the same folder as where the .exe is. But if you use the server as part of a cluster, the dynamic data has to be shared in another folder, to be defined here.
Path to log directory
If empty, the servers will log all (iplog, maillog, normal log) in the subfolder of the .exe in webserver.log or webservice.log. If a folder is given, the log will be stored there.
Location of dot.exe (wingraphviz)
Is used to generate the current graph of a model.

PDF creators

The server can use different PDF creators for different type of files. All the three generators have the same settings:

Location of PDF creator
The user-defined location of the PDF creator. PDF creator parameters
Parameters that can be given to the PDF creator. You can use %t for target and %s for source file. Uses target folder
This is where the created PDFs will be stored, if a creator is used which operates in this way

For XSLT transformations, the HTML to PDF creator is used.